Nathalie Maupetit - Übersetzerin für Französisch, Deutsch, Englisch in München

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A few words… about me

Since 1995 freelance,
officially appointed and sworn translator in the French and German language

Master’s degree in France: Foreign languages applied to economics

BDÜ - Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und ÜbersetzerMember of the German Federal Association for Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ)

What’s important to me

A good translation should not be recognizable as such. The primary goal in my work is to deliver a linguistically and technically correct text to my clients. Stylistic sensitivity and intercultural competence guarantee my clients a professional, high quality result.

I have specialized in subject areas in which I have long-term experience and established knowledge. I also enjoy familiarizing myself with new subject matters and continue to educate myself within the realm of the BDÜ.

... on my work


A high quality translation requires careful research and maintaining consistent terminology – in technical texts with the help of Translation Memory systems. In addition, I also ask qualified proofreaders to correct and edit any texts that are to be published.


Adherence to deadlines is my top priority. On extensive assignments with tight deadlines, I have an excellent network of competent colleagues with whom I work as a team and act as project manager.


The price is determined according to the level of difficulty, the complexity and the urgency of the translation. It is determined after consultation with the client based on a charge per line or word or on an hourly basis. On more extensive assignments, we can also agree upon a flat fee.

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... on my areas of expertise

Law, business and more

  • Law: family law, corporate law, commercial law, real estate law, deeds, contracts, confidentiality
  • Business: general terms and conditions, import/export, licenses, marketing, human resources, insurance
  • Media & culture: art and design, music and dance, press and public relation
  • Tourism: audio tours, hotel and gastronomy industries, travel guides
  • Marketing: cosmetics, food industry, sanitary facilities, furniture
  • Software: apps for Emergency Notification Systems

From A to B on an average workday:

articles of association, artist profiles, audio tours, brochures, business correspondence, court verdicts, CVs / job application documents, exhibition catalogs, general terms and conditions, letters of reference, license agreements, newspaper articles, notarial deeds, press releases, product presentations, sale and purchase agreements, websites.